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Wild Hope, Powerful Change

Alexandra Pearson (HHMI)

New from Nature, “Wild Hope” is a series highlighting the innovators who are restoring and protecting our planet. Each episode tells the inspiring stories of grassroots efforts to reverse biodiversity loss locally. From oysters that purify New York’s polluted harbor to hardworking dogs sniffing out endangered species to the redemption of slinky salamanders south of the border, bold interventions supercharge Nature’s resilience, doing much more than inspire hope.

Episode 1: The Big Oyster
An alliance of architects, restaurateurs, scientists, and high school students is deploying one billion oysters to restore New York Harbor and protect the city from climate change.

Episode 2: Beaver Fever
The return of landscape-changing beavers brings chaos, controversy, and unique benefits to Britain’s manicured countryside.

Episode 3: Woodpecker Wars
An improbable alliance between scientists and soldiers is giving a special bird—the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker—a new lease on life.

Episode 4: Does Nature Have Rights?
In Ecuador, conservationists invoke the constitutional rights of nature to save areas of immense biodiversity.

Episode 5: The Beautiful Undammed
Ten years after a massive dam removal, salmon are returning to the Elwha river, helping to revive a lost ecosystem, and providing a new model for undamming rivers across the American West.

Episode 6: Coffee for Water
A national park grows coffee to save a rainforest—and safeguard the communities and wildlife that depend on it.

Episode 7: Salamander of the Gods
Scientists partner with farmers, fishers, and nuns to save two remarkable species of aquatic salamanders in Mexico.

Episode 8: Canine Conservationists
To save Australia’s iconic indigenous animals from invasive species, habitat loss and fire, scientists have enlisted unusual partners with a surprising nose for conservation: Dogs.

Watch and be inspired Thursdays, starting August 3 at 8:00 pm. Follow WQLN on social media for LOTS more inspiring videos starting this fall. And visit WildHope.TV online to learn more – including how YOU can help spark powerful change. Wild Hope is presented in partnership with the Regional Science Consortium and Gannon University.