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Buckethead KIDZ

WQLN Buckethead KIDZ, is a music program designed to introduce fifth-grade students to the art of drumming, various rhythms, and how they work together.

About WQLN Buckethead KIDZ
Music is changing the world for kids in our community through the WQLN PBS Buckethead KIDZ program! Each year, hundreds of fifth-grade students across our region receive weeks of instruction in bucket drumming.

The classes are led by their school's music teacher where they learn to read notes and create rhythmic grooves. At the end of the school year, students are invited to play in the backyard of WQLN PBS to jam with local musician, Jim Dowds!

Students at Edison Elementary appreciated the bucket drumming opportunity provided by WQLN. Many students shared that their favorite part was performing with the guest drummer. Performing with other artists provides students with different perspectives and experiences. That was also my favorite part of the program. Performing in ensembles also instills teamwork. Students worked towards a goal and were able to showcase their accomplishments. I hope to see this program continue in the future.
Sarah Brown, Edison Elementary School Music Teacher

Testimonials from Edison Students:

  • I got to express how I felt.
  • It was very fun. I liked making music with the drums.
  • I like learning the new songs.
  • It was fun and enjoyable to learn a new skill. 
  • The beats was the best. 

Testimonials from Perry Students 

Students' favorite things:

  • the feeling when my hands grasp the sticks and hit the bucket
  • when I drummed on beat for the first time
  • being with my friends
  • it was a new experience for everyone
  • learning something new and getting to show it on TV

WQLN PBS Buckethead KIDZ is supported by the Les Paul Foundation and the Dougie Bleu Foundation.

Thank You to Our Supporters