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Corporate Support

WQLN TV and Radio Underwriting Guidelines

Underwriting credits on WQLN are essentially informational and non-commercial in nature, and inform the viewer of a few things: first, that your company or organization supports WQLN programming, second of the products or services that you provide, or your mission or special event; and finally, how to contact you. They are written in an objective style that listeners and viewers tell us that they respect, appreciate, and have come to expect from WQLN.

Being informational and noncommercial in nature, however, leaves some room for artistic presentation. “Lifestyle” spots, for example, associate a positive lifestyle message with your company or product, and are an effective way to appeal to your target audience. The video examples demonstrate the association of a positive lifestyle message with the company and/or products named therein, while still adhering to FCC guidelines for underwriting credits on WQLN.

These guidelines seek to preserve the non-commercial nature of WQLN. Our listeners value this characteristic as part of what makes public radio and TV unique in sound and substance. It is critical that, in addition to providing exceptional programming, we maintain a non-commercial, uncluttered, and intelligent environment, keep listeners and viewers engaged during breaks, and air underwriting announcements in keeping with our programming values, as well as with FCC requirements. Your underwriting support represents a partnership between your organization and WQLN and demonstrates your commitment to community service and quality programming.

An announcement must identify, but may not promote, the underwriter, its services, facilities, or products. It may not express the underwriter's views on any matter of public interest or importance. It may not support or oppose any political candidate. In addition to these legal requirements, underwriting announcements must be in keeping with the non-commercial nature of our station. To maintain the consistency of our sound, all messages are live reads or are prerecorded by a station voice. Underwriting announcements are typically 15 seconds long.

Underwriting announcements may:

  • Describe your business.
  • Identify facilities, services, and products or product lines (no more than a total of three mentions per announcement).
  • Describe your corporate mission.
  • Inform the public of events you sponsor.
  • Include a corporate slogan, so long as it is not flagrantly promotional.
  • Include a web address, phone number, and street address for your business.
  • Indicate the number of years you have been in business.
Underwriting announcements may not include:
  • Comparative language (e.g., better, best, oldest etc.).
  • A call to action ("Visit our store...").
  • An inducement to buy, sell, rent or lease.
  • References to price or value.
  • Personal pronouns, unless as part of a slogan.