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Ted Radio Hour
TED Radio Hour
Sunday from 10:00am-11:00am

TED Radio Hour investigates the biggest questions of our time with the help of the world's greatest thinkers. Can we preserve our humanity in the digital age? Where does creativity come from? And what's the secret to living longer? In each episode, host Manoush Zomorodi explores a big idea through a series of TED Talks and original interviews, inspiring us to learn more about the world, our communities, and most importantly, ourselves. TED Radio Hour is a co-production of NPR and TED.

  • Our bodies can do amazing things, even with the most mundane tasks. Choreographer Ryan Heffington encourages us to celebrate the ways the body can move and unlock our inner joy through dance.
  • When news anchor Lee Thomas was diagnosed with the skin disorder vitiligo, he felt like his career was over. He shares his story of finding self-acceptance and embracing his changing body.
  • How do we learn to trust what our bodies tell us and express it to others? Aerialist Adie Delaney speaks on how communication, trust and safety in trapeze can provide valuable lessons on consent.
  • Sometimes "simple" everyday tasks can feel impossible to accomplish. Therapist KC Davis shares ideas on a more compassionate, less self-critical approach to daily chores.
  • What if you could control a device, not with your hand, but with your mind? Physician and entrepreneur Tom Oxley talks about the implantable brain-computer interface that can change the way we think.
  • Sometimes that nagging inner voice is your own worst enemy. Author and podcast host Dan Harris explains how loving-kindness meditation can quiet your inner critic and improve your relationships.
  • It can be daunting to come up with an original idea. Poet Sarah Kay shares how the simple act of observing the world around us can open our minds to a universe of inspiration and creativity.
  • Temple Grandin's story changed the way the world understands autism. She speaks about the many ways people interpret the world, the different kinds of thinkers and how to support them all.
  • We are constantly surrounded by a vast jungle of tiny creatures we can't see. Self-described "microbe wrangler" Anne Madden explains the power these microscopic organisms have to help humans.
  • Languages are complex and our words are powerful. Cognitive scientist Lera Boroditsky discusses how even small variations in language may mean big distinctions in how we experience the world.