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We Question & Learn
1st Sunday of every month, 4pm - 5pm

The call letters of our station, WQLN, stand for "We Question and Learn".

The We Question & Learn interview program heard Sundays at 4 p.m., monthly, on WQLN Radio 91.3 FM is dedicated to being a community interest program devoting an entire hour to interviews with Erie's prominent leaders, business people, and educators, focusing in on business and technology.

As we paint a verbal picture of business and economic development in our community, we look for your suggestions for We Question & Learn interviews. Feel free to contact Tom Pysz at 814-217-6073 or Thomas.Pysz@gmail.com.

  • On this episode of We Question and Learn featured guests include Derek Martin, the Executive Director of the Erie Regional Airport Authority (ERAA), a role he has held since 2018 and Robert Lawrence Kuhn, an American public intellectual, international corporate strategist, investment banker, author, and creator, producer and host of Closer to Truth on PBS.
  • This episode of 'We Question and Learn' will features an interview with Doctor Rebecca Styn, winner of the Ben Franklin Technology Partners $50,000 idea contest and her venture into alcohol free cocktail products. Then our guest is Laurie Zierer, Executive Director of PA Humanities, an organization celebrating 50 years of service to Pennsylvania's cultural arts and communities. You can hear these programs Sunday afternoon, June 2nd, starting at 4 on WQLN NPR, and then on WQLN dot O R G.
  • This episode of We Question & Learn features an interview with Brian Slawin, Regional Director and Portfolio Manager of the Central and Northeast Pennsylvania Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Then my guest will be Mark Sherman, President of Community Heart and Soul doing outreach in 125 small towns across the United States.
  • This WE QUESTION AND LEARN program features an interview with Doctor Robert Lawrence Kuhn, host of the television program 'Closer to Truth' broadcast on 200 PBS and public broadcasting stations. Then our guest will be Daniel Figurelli, an audio preservation engineer from Indiana University Bloomington, talking about the media preservation initiative there with a 7000 wax cylinder archive rivaling the Library of Congress.
  • This We Question & Learn program will feature an interview with Debra Sunya Moore, Senior Vice President and Chief Program Officer at the Chautauqua Institution, talking about the upcoming season. Then our guests will be Ferki Ferati, President of the Jefferson Educational Society along with Ben Speggen, Vice President, outlining the Jefferson's outreach and activities. You can hear these guests, Sunday afternoon, March 3rd starting at 4 on WQLN NPR, and then online at WQLN dot o r g slash we question.
  • This We Question & Learn program will feature an interview with Millcreek Township Supervisor, Jim Bock. We'll talk about all the services the Township provides involving administration, emergency management, fire, police, recycling, community activities and more. Then we'll learn about all the outreach activities provided by Visit Erie from Emily Biddle, Director of Marketing and Research along with information on local activities surrounding the April 8th Solar Eclipse.
  • This We Question and Learn Program will feature an interview with Dr. Lindy Smart, Executive Director, Intelligence Studies at Mercyhurst University along with Dr. Christopher Mansour, founding member and Assistant Professor of Cyber Security Programs at Mercyhurst. Then we talk with Michael Gaines, Executive Director of the Children's Advocacy Center on the critical issue of child abuse in our community.
  • This We Question and Learn Program will take a short vacation from our regular interviews and we'll broadcast the first hour of a special two hour holiday presentation written, produced and narrated by Dr. Andrew Roth featuring an educational and most entertaining program entitled 'A Caroling We Will Go.' You can find part 2 here: https://www.wqln.org/podcast/the-american-tapestry-project
  • The upcoming We Question and Learn program will feature an interview with Gus Pine, Director of Erie Events. We'll talk about the Bayfront Convention Center, the Warner Theatre, UPMC Park and the Erie Insurance Arena. Then we talk with Dalene Duvenage, assistant professor at the Ridge College of Intelligence Studies and Applied Sciences and her three decades of business experience including her career in South Africa.
  • The next We Question & Learn program will feature 2 new interviews, first with Doctor Gerald Clark, author and professor, with 27 years of criminal justice experience. We'll recap the 20 year anniversary of the Pizza Bomber Case and highlight his new publications. Then we'll talk with Robert Chatfield, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Free To Choose Network beginning as an award winning PBS series.