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WQLN-TV 54 is your prime connection to PBS and much more - three channels more.

  • WQLN-TV 54.1 is the Erie area's only PBS affiliate, featuring safe children's programming every day; PBS Primetime programming every Sunday through Friday evening; British Comedies on Saturday nights; and How-To programming Saturday afternoons.

  • WQLN-TV 54.2 is the Create channel. Create is a channel that showcases the best of how-to and do-it-yourself programs on public television.

  • WQLN-TV 54.3 is the World channel, featuring public television's top documentary, public affairs, and nonfiction programming.

  • WQLN-TV 54.4 is the 24/7 Kids channel, featuring the nation's most trusted educational programs for children 24 hours a day, including primetime and other after-school hours when viewing among families is high.