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Students to Compete in Scholastic Scrimmage


There’s quite a bit of excitement in the air as WQLN PBS prepares for its second annual Scholastic Scrimmage, a high school quiz bowl game where local schools compete for a trophy and various school scholarships. WQLN PBS has increased participation to 16 schools from 11 districts in our market area, including several private schools.

Each team consists of four high school students who will answer questions in the areas of math, history, science, and literature. Players must buzz in before the time expires, and the first team with the correct answer earns points with a chance to answer a bonus question.

The first-place winning school is awarded a scholarship of $4,000 and a trophy. Mark your calendars for January when the tournament airs on WQLN PBS and watch the first annual Scholastic Scrimmage any time on Passport.

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