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WQLN Families Turn on to Literacy

WQLN Families Turn on to Literacy is an innovative literacy workshop series that emphasizes the involvement of the entire family in a child’s education. This three-week program brings parents and their K-2 children together once a week for an interactive learning experience that includes educational television programming, reading, and hands-on activities. WQLN offers several types of workshops to include a Traditional Literacy series and a Math Literacy series.

Families sign a contract requiring them to change their viewing and reading habits for 30 days. Adopting the PBS Ready to Learn Learning Triangle concept, parents increase the educational success of their child.

To schedule a workshop at your school, contact Kathy at (814) 217-6001 or by email at kwoodard@wqln.org

Traditional Literacy

The Traditional Literacy series supplies parents with information about Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency and Comprehension. PBS Kids programs that pair well with the program include Sounder & Friends, Word World, Super Why and Martha Speaks.

Workshop Outline and Standards

Weeks 1 & 2 Standards—Phonemic Awareness and Phonics

  • Kindergarten: CC.1.1.K.C, CC.1.1.K.D
  • First Grade: CC.1.1.1.C, CC.1.1.1.D
  • Second Grade: CC.1.1.2.D

Week 3 Standards—Comprehension and Fluency

  • Kindergarten: CC.1.1.K.E, CC.1.3.K.B, CC.1.4.K.M
  • First Grade: CC.1.1.1.E, CC.1.3.1.B, CC.1.4.1.M
  • Second Grade: CC.1.1.2.E, CC.1.3.2.B, CC.1.4.2.M
Math Literacy

The Math Literacy series provides parents with the knowledge and confidence to be able to assist their child with Kindergarten through 2nd grade level math content, such as number correspondence using ten frames, place value concepts, and using mental math and traditional strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. This program includes PBS programming such as Curious George and Peg+Cat that help enhance math understanding.

Workshop Outline and Standards

Week 1 Standards—Number Sense: Using ten frames and counters

  • Kindergarten: CC.2.1.K.A.2, CC.2.1.K.B.1
  • First Grade: CC.2.1.1.B.1

Week 2 Standards—Place Vale: Understanding values of digits

  • Kindergarten: CC.2.1.K.B.1
  • First Grade: CC.2.1.1.B.2, CC.2.1.1.B.3
  • Second Grade: CC.2.1.2.B.1

Week 3 Standards—Mental Math Strategies for Addition and Subtraction

  • Kindergarten: CC.2.2.K.A.1
  • First Grade: CC.2.2.1.A.1, CC.2.2.1.A.2
  • Second Grade: CC.2.1.2.B.3, CC.2.2.2.A.2

Week 3 Standards— Addition and Subtraction strategies

  • Kindergarten: CC.2.2.K.A.1
  • First Grade: CC.2.2.1.A.1, CC.2.2.1.A.2
  • Second Grade: CC.2.1.2.B.3, CC.2.2.2.A.1, CC.2.4.2.A.6

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