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Ride Along with WQLN's STREAM Machine

Students at Asbury Elementary School
Students at Asbury Elementary School

WQLN's STREAM Machine has had a busy summer! Our education team has been all over Erie County from Millcreek to Titusville. Check out some of the places they have visited and the cool activities they brought with them.

Asbury Elementary School on June 1
Mrs. Toni Petrone is a kindergarten teacher at Asbury Elementary in the Millcreek School District, and she volunteers as a WQLN Education Ambassador. Mrs. Petrone reached GOLD level status this past school year when she had her district's IT Department install the PBS KIDS App on the K-2 tablets throughout their district. The STREAM Team celebrated Mrs. Petrone and surprised her class with a STREAM Machine Visit.

Erie Housing Authority on July 13
The STREAM Team visited the Bird Drive neighborhood at Erie Housing Authority to share their mini mobile bug museum. The children were excited to learn what makes an insect an insect. These future scientists were ready to explore the neighborhood using their bug catchers and magnifying glasses. Time for an outdoor adventure!

Growing and Learning Center Visit on July 12
The STREAM Machine visited the Growing and Learning Center on July 12 in Edinboro. Jerry Covert was a STREAM Machine guest reader who happens to be a scientist and a board member of WQLN PBS! How cool is that?

The children discovered that a critter must have three things to be an insect. As they examined the insects at our mini mobile museum, they were challenged with identifying the differences between insects and arachnids. The children were introduced to the PBS KIDS Wild Kratts series when they watched Wild Kratts Glow, a fun clip about fireflies. After story time, they played , "Ask the Scientist" where Jerry answered a plethora of questions. One student reminded our guest scientist that dragon flies bite when necessary. You'll have to see Jerry to get the full story. We had a blast with the children from the Growing and Learning Center in Edinboro.

Jennifer showing insects to kids
Jennifer showing insects to kids

Titusville Summer STEM Camp on July 7

The STREAM Machine traveled to Titusville where the STREAM Team participated in their Summer STEM camp held at the middle school. July's STREAM Machine lesson is "What Makes an Insect an Insect?"

The STREAM Team shared fun facts about fireflies. Did you know the firefly is Pennsylvania's official state insect and that they are used in spacecraft instruments to detect life beyond Earth? The STREAM Team had a great time engaging with the little campers.

Union City Public Library Visit on July 18

The STREAM Team visited Union City Library for the first time. After the children viewed a clip from PBS KIDS Through the Woods about fireflies, they noticed an interesting bug crawling on the table during the activity portion of the outdoor classroom. The bug was scooped up and all of the children gathered around to get a closer look. So, not only did they get an opportunity to view a collection of cool bugs from the mini-mobile bug museum, but had an opportunity to view a live critter! How about that for timing? At the end of the session, the entire group received a special STREAM Kit with a bug catcher, a magnifying glass, and a insect journal. One student went right to work examining various bugs right in the library parking lot!

 Kathy teaching students about insects.
Kathy teaching students at the Union City Public Library about insects.

Upcoming STREAM Machine Visit
The STREAM Machine is scheduled to participate in a family carnival for the annual Grady's Decision Miracles and Miles Walk on Saturday, July 22 from 11 am to 2 pm. Stop by the STREAM Machine table to pick up a STREAM Kit about insects for your young child (while supplies last).

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