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Sonic Sounds
Fridays from 10pm - Midnight

Sonic Sounds takes you on a musical journey to the center of your mind. We delve deep into the psychedelic music genre, from it’s heavy roots in the 1960’s underground to its commercial success - where artists can fill clubs and stadiums throughout the world. The broad spectrum that falls into the psychedelic realm can include Jam, Folk, Blues, Garage Rock, Jazz, and Shoegaze (amongst others). We explore how it inspired artists, changed culture, and gained a loyal following.

One of the biggest names in Psychedelic music was the Grateful Dead, which we use as a cornerstone to help connect these various genres together. The Dead (as they are commonly called) were known for their live performances where they would play different arrangements to their songs almost nightly, including covers of Blues and Pop standards. The Grateful Dead created a template for modern live recording techniques, music festivals, and the use of imagery as a marketing tool that has shaped how we see the music industry today.

About Bill & Larry

Our Hosts and Merry Pranksters are two music aficionados, Bill Moon and Larry Wheaton. They often talk about music around the office and have decided to bring their discussions to the air waves. Bill Moon is a Deadhead who has studied the Grateful Dead and their live catalog thoroughly. Larry Wheaton is a local musician and an avid record collector. We hope that you Turn On, Tune In, and Rock Out.