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My Garden of Hope by Silvia Kang

Being in quarantine allowed me to sit and stew
I saw Blacks being targeted and Asians too

An Asian virus? That stigma stings
Deep hostility is all that it brings

So, I seek to find hope in my garden fair
Fruit everywhere makes me stop and stare

I look at my garden’s wide collection
I feast my eyes; I pause for reflection

Bananas and apples ye will find
Guavas too will please your mind

Mangos give your taste delight
Cheeku, lychee invite your sight

You will see all kinds of fruit
Watermelons large, some quite minute

All different and yet all mandatory
To take our bodies to their glory

What will follow next, I pause to wonder
Discrimination against humanity is such a blunder

Unity in diversity, so easy to discern
Oh, how we humans have so much to learn

My fruit garden has taught me that in mixing vegetation
The progeny is strongest when there is hybridization

The genetic defects were preserved if relations were close
With the distant genetics, the best progeny arose

So, it is just fine for our world to mix and grow
Racial phobias are wrong, as we all truly know

Diversity in fruits gives humans elation
Diversity in humans can empower a nation

Make our bodies strong, eat a variety of fruits
Make the country strong with all ethnic attributes

Eating one color of fruit limits our nourishing
Promoting only one skin color prevents us from flourishing

Eating all types of fruit gives us vitamins and immunity
So let us come together to keep the USA a land of golden opportunity!