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Fresh Salt, Read, & Written


Fresh Salt
by Abdullah “Bigg Wash” Washington

Flies fly
Men Fish
Fish swim

The freest woman I’d ever known
Once had the fish dream.

No net to hold him
A sight to behold
Diligent in both high tide and low
No bear, no eagle his worth

Swimming waves of amber grain,
Majestic purple mountains
Coasting seas aglow by sun or moonlight
Back down the mighty Mississippi
‘Tis of me, ‘tis of thee

And meeting the ocean,
Why not the sky?
His fins were wings,
so why not fly?

In his wake,
A school of fish teaching all us fishers of men.
One fish, two fish,
Red fish, blue fish.

by Abdullah “Bigg Wash” Washington

Reads the sign
Much too fast approaching.
Glass cracks.
Unforgiving metal moans.
The smashing,
The smashing is you.
Thoughts shattering like a glass ceiling to God.

We never have the time to read
Until life flashes before us
Choruses of “should’ a, could’ a, would’ a”.
The pleading begins:

“If you spare me, I’ll do it right.
I’ll not drink another single drop.
I’ll stop chasing all the wrong people.
You alone know my heart, Lord’.

But who are we?
The Voice only resounds:

If you loved me,
Why did you not read my book?

by Abdullah “Bigg Wash” Washington

I penned my book,
Erotic Words and Where to Find Them,
In a love language.

Want to know how I know if you are interested in me?
It’s in the book.
Want to know how I feel appreciated?
It’s in the book.

I’ve waded through rejection letters and found a publisher of high repute.
And yes, you bought my book.
And you even won a signed copy.
Heck, some of you got it for free, but nothing has changed.

Joy in the home.
That’s page number 7.
That’s page number 13.
Oh, but who am I anyway?
What good is an open book gathering dust?