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Kids Invited to Join the Q-Kids Readers Summer Reading Race

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Attention Parents! WQLN PBS invites children who have just completed kindergarten through fifth grade to join its annual Q-Kids Readers Summer Reading Race! This exciting event encourages young readers to dive into the world of books and enhance their reading skills over the summer break.

Event Details: Throughout July, students will track their reading time using a book log. This log helps them keep a record of all the wonderful books they explore. Not only does this activity promote a love for reading, but it also helps maintain and improve literacy skills during the summer months.

Inclusive and Flexible: Already part of another summer reading contest? No problem! The time spent reading for other contests counts towards our Q-Kids Readers Summer Reading Race, too. We believe in rewarding all efforts to read.

Prizes and Recognition: To add to the excitement, WQLN PBS will award prizes to the top readers in each grade category. Whether your child is a budding bookworm or just beginning their reading journey, there's a chance for everyone to win!

How to Participate:

  1. Download the Book Log: Get your book log HERE.
  2. Track Reading Time: Encourage your child to read daily and record their reading time using the book log.
  3. Submit the Log: Completed book logs must be submitted by August 5th.

Need More Information? For any questions or additional information, feel free to contact Jennifer at (814) 217-6015 or via email at jallen@wqln.org. We're here to help and support your child's reading journey.

Why Join the Summer Reading Race?

  1. Promotes Lifelong Learning: Reading is a crucial skill that benefits children throughout their lives. Engaging in summer reading helps instill a love for books and learning.
  2. Prevents Summer Slide: Studies show that children who read during the summer maintain or improve their reading skills, while those who don’t may experience a decline.
  3. Fun and Rewarding: The chance to win prizes adds an element of fun and excitement, making reading a more engaging activity for children.

Tips for Parents:

  1. Create a Reading Routine: Set aside a specific time each day for reading. This helps children develop consistent habits.
  2. Visit the Library: Explore new books and let your child choose what interests them. Libraries often have summer reading programs and resources.
  3. Discuss Books: Talk to your child about what they’re reading. Ask questions and share your thoughts to deepen their understanding and enjoyment.

Join WQLN PBS in making this summer a season of adventure, imagination, and learning through reading. Let’s make this the best summer yet with the Q-Kids Readers Summer Reading Race!

Download your book log HERE or contact us at (814) 217-6015. Entries are due by August 5th. Happy reading!