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PBS KIDS Thanksgiving Ideas


Thankful Tree
Celebrate what you're thankful for by creating a festive centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

Turkey Finger Puppets
Create fun turkey finger puppets to entertain your Thanksgiving guests!

Fall Leaf Suncatcher
Capture the beauty of fall by adding some handmade decor to your house.


Thanksgiving Thankful Notes
This Thanksgiving, try these personal thankful notes as a way to teach your child about being truly thankful.

Make a Gratitude Jar
This Thanksgiving, take some time to reflect on what you and your child are thankful for. Gather around to open your jar and read all of the reasons you have to be thankful!

Looking for more Thanksgiving activities? Check out these fun ideas from PBS KIDS for Parents: Thanksgiving Crafts and Experiments for Kids | PBS KIDS for Parents

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