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To stimulate, enrich, educate, and entertain the public.

WQLN Public Media

For over 50 years, WQLN Public Media has been the Lake Erie region’s passport to a wider world – a world of discovery, exploration, lifelong learning, and an ongoing respectful exchange of ideas.

WQLN TV 54 is your prime connection to PBS and much more. As the region’s only PBS affiliate, we feature safe, educational children's programming every day, alongside top-quality history, arts, and documentary programming, with objective, balanced news from PBS every evening. Our second and third TV channels – Create and World – showcase the best DIY and public affairs programs anywhere on public television.

WQLN Radio 91.3FM is the region's source for daily unbiased news from NPR; classics, jazz, and a multitude of other musical styles; plus interview and pop-culture showcases only available on public radio. WQLN Radio is Erie’s only NPR, Public Radio International, and American Public Media affiliate and also airs more original, locally-produced hours of programming than any other local station. Rigorous reporting and passionate storytelling promote awareness of the events and people that shape our community and beyond, while dedicated volunteers share their favorite musical artists with our listeners.

But we’re not just TV and radio. WQLN Education reaches out to those vested in children’s education—parents, teachers, and the community at large—by providing family literacy workshops and community events that bridge the gap between the classroom and the home.

We hope you feel the same pride we do every day when we switch on WQLN Radio or WQLN TV. The Erie media market is one of the smallest TV and radio markets in the country. Yet your public television & radio station has achieved what communities twice our size only dream about. Each year we produce over 3,000 hours of original content, we are continually adding new national programs to our schedules, and we offer a wealth of community outreach programs that are both fun and educational.

All of us who call WQLN Public Media our passport to the world were proud to help celebrate WQLN’s 50th anniversary in 2017 – and to reaffirm the importance of WQLN to the Lake Erie region, making all of our hometowns better places to live. When thinking about the next 50 years, the first thing that comes to mind is YOU! We often say – and always believe – that you are the “u” in Public Media, both providing the financial support that drives our efforts and as the key influencers of our programming. Not beholden to corporate interests, we are beholden to your tastes, preferences, curiosity, and quest for knowledge. So thank YOU for making Erie a place where public radio and TV can thrive!

Management Team

Tom New

President & CEO
(814) 217-6027

Cindy Spizarny

Vice President & General Manager
(814) 217-6004

Lisa Counasse, CFRE

Director of Development
& Major Gifts
(814) 217-6058

Aaron Coseo

Director of Engineering
& Media Operations
(814) 217-6038

Sue Allen

Radio Manager
(814) 217-6017

Kathy Woodard

Educational Outreach
Services Manager
(814) 217-6001

Patrick Miller

Corporate Support Manager
(814) 217-6035

Traci Teudhope

Marketing Manager
(814) 217-6036

Shannon Ferrare

Membership Manager
(814) 217-6040

Halle Sullivan

Grant Writer/
Grants & Project Manager
(814) 217-6020

Closed Captioning Assistance

For closed captioning concerns please contact our captioning hotline:
Phone: 814-450-8630
Fax: 814-864-4077
Or use our online contact form

We will make every effort to respond or otherwise resolve your inquiry within 1 business day.

Written closed captioning comments or concerns should be directed to the following:
Mr. Aaron Coseo, Director of Engineering and Media Operations
WQLN Public Media
8425 Peach St.
Erie, PA 16509

Before sending a formal written comment, we recommend you first contact our captioning hotline. We may be able to resolve your problem immediately without the need for a formal comment. In any event, we will respond to your comment or concern within 30 days.

Click here for more information about closed captioning on WQLN TV.

Public Files

Audited Financial Report   Download
Television's Annual Financial Report   Download
Radio's Annual Financial Report   Download
Annual EEO Public File Report   Download
Form 990   Download
2019 Local Content and Community Service Report   Download
WQLN Editorial Guidelines and Code of Ethics   Download
Code of Editorial Integrity   Download
Diversity Statement   Download
FCC Public File - WQLN Television   Link
FCC Public File - WQLN Radio   Link

WQLN Public Media Board of Directors

Rochelle Krowinski - Board Chair
Scott Wright - Vice Chair
John Bongiovanni - Secretary/Treasurer
Mark Amendola - Director
Jennifer Bond - Director
Sharon Dale - Director
Barbara Drew - Director
Elliot Ehrenreich - Director
Martin Haft - Director
Glenn Holland - Director
Gary Skiba - Director

WQLN Public Media Community Advisory Board

Alyson Amendola - Board Chair
Victoria Stilson - Secretary
Tom New - Staff Liaison
Chanel Cook - Community Representative
Jerry Covert - Community Representative
Zach Flock - Community Representative
Matt Lebowitz - Community Representative
Jeanette Schnars - Community Representative
June Smith - Community Representative (emeritus)

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