Perspective: Defeat Obesity

Perspective: Defeat Obesity will introduce and give an overview of WQLN’s Defeat Obesity initiative, with Melissa Lyons of the Erie County Department of Health sharing statistics on obesity and other health concerns.

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Perspective: Reach Innovation

The Lake Erie Region has a story that must be told. A story of innovators, entrepreneurs, and business and community leaders who believe in the tremendous possibilities of the place that we call home. WQLN’s REACH INNOVATION Project aspires to tell that story, and to build upon a movement that has the potential to reshape our economic landscape.

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Perspective: No Violence Alliance

Rosilyn Temple, founder and Executive Director of the Kansas City chapter of Mothers In Charge, lost her 26 year old son, Antonio, to gun violence. Temple sits down with Marcus Atkinson for a one-on-one interview about her experience with the Kansas City No Violence Alliance (KC NoVA) and her experience as the parent of a child lost to gun violence on the WQLN TV Original Production Perspective: Kansas City No Violence Alliance.

Perspective: "Freeway" Ricky Ross

Perspective: The Lake Erie Quadrangle Marine Sanctuary

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has re-established a process allowing the public to nominate maritime and Great Lakes areas for National Marine Sanctuary status. Is the Lake Erie Quadrangle the perfect candidate?.

Perspective: 30 Seconds of Magic

This WQLN TV Original Production examines first-hand the process, from start to finish, of producing a series of award-winning television commercials. From scripting, logistics, and casting, to on-site shoots, to the final touches of sound-effects, editing, and animation, you can see behind the scenes as a local full-service production house transforms raw inspiration and talent into a final product that feels like... pure magic.

Perspective: Jewish History

Produced in collaboration with WNET and Mercyhurst University, the two-part WQLN TV Original Production Perspective: Jewish History re-visits Imperial Rome and Europe in the Middle Ages to discover how and why Christendom made outsiders of the Jewish people.