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About Active Elders

Are you staying inside for longer periods of time because you don’t want to get COVID? Are you less active? Are you feeling lonely, anxious, or sad? The Active ELDERS television show presented in partnership with the Erie County Department of Health may help. It supports seniors who want to know they’re not alone, learn how to safely increase flexibility, balance, and strength, understand how to work through difficult feelings, and discover wellness tips to combat social isolation.

Active ELDERS is a physical and mental wellness program for older adults who are staying at home in greater numbers due to the looming threat of contracting COVID-19. Under these circumstances, seniors are experiencing a decline in both physical and social activity for extended periods. This inactivity puts them at higher risk for unintended falls and can lead to increased feelings of loneliness, fear, anxiety, and sadness.

Active Elders

Audio Relaxation Exercises

Presented in partnership with

  • Erie County Department of Health