The Third Set

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The Third Set

Monday - Thursday from 11pm - Midnight

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As a teenage musician, I was afforded the opportunity to perform everything from Dvorak and Jimi Hendrix to Neil Hefti charts. Listening to Rock ‘n Roll was my passion, with Jazz and Classical adding a bit of spice to life. As the years passed, the redundancy of what I heard in the rock vein was the catalyst for the migration of my musical tastes to the exclusive world of jazz. The two “roots” of jazz that permeate my tastes are Miles Davis and Art Blakey. Those who passed through their bands were among my favorites and now the disciples of those masters are my source of musical enjoyment. Over the past 50+ years, there have been many recordings that have had the jazz critics abuzz, and for good reason. Many of those recordings have lost very little of their original luster and appeal. Cutting across jazz’s stylistic boundaries, you will hear this five-star music each and every week. Unexpected musical treasures are yours for the taking on The Third Set.