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"Check this out!"

That simple invitation captures the spirit of JazzFlight. For two hours every Monday through Thursday night, WQLN Radio listeners can enjoy a diverse menu of musical offerings by such iconic legends of modern jazz as Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, and Sonny Rollins, plus we get to hear the latest contributions by the current generation of performers who are taking the music in exciting new directions.

Jazz has always been an omnivorous art, accepting all material as grist for its creative mill, and that includes music from around the world. In that spirit, JazzFlight touches base with music from Brazil to Mali to Cuba to India to North Africa and the Middle East, and regular listeners have come to expect the unexpected. There is no other music that encompasses the range of musical influences that jazz does, yet retains its own identity through its history, rhythmic language, collective spirit, spontaneity, virtuosity, and improvisational traditions.

I grew up on Jane Street in Greenwich Village just a few blocks from the Village Vanguard, so I guess I was imprinted on jazz from infancy! My first experiences in radio date to my years as a graduate student when I had the opportunity to host a late night jazz program for Minnesota Public Radio, and I was fortunate to continue broadcasting jazz on-air when WQLN Radio signed on in 1973. It's been a privilege and a delight to witness the evolution of the jazz tradition over the last 40+ years and to be able to share the best of this art with the JazzFlight listeners, many of whom have introduced me to performers and recordings I then get to share with the WQLN community.

Mondays through Thursdays from 9 to 11pm – please join us and check it out!