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About the Show

I began Deep Blue by mentioning to Joe DiGiorgio that I would be interested in doing a Blues radio show on WQLN. After about two weeks Joe came back to me and said, “well if you want to do that show you can start next week.” The news came as a shock as I had never met the people at WQLN before, but based on Joe’s good standing and the fact that a time slot had recently opened, I got my “shot at the title.”

Deep Blue was formed with the thought that I would play the “deeper” tracks. By this I mean, the tracks that you would not hear in other Blues Radio formats. I try to play the longer cuts of the CD’s and albums as these don’t get much airtime elsewhere due to time constraints. I usually prefer to play live recordings also, as the heart and soul of the artist really presents itself to the listener during these live performances. Sometimes when I play a live track the feel of the song and the audience background noise can give me goose bumps and that is the real pleasure in music for me.

~Kick back relax and settle in to “Deep Blue”~