Better Than Monkeys

About the Show

What (if anything) makes us—Homo sapiens—superior to (or at least distinct from) our close cousins, those happenin' haplorrhine primates? WQLN's premier podcast Better than Monkeys posits that it’s our forays into the arts and sciences that make us, well . . . human. BTM takes a monthly deep-dive behind the scenes of the arts and sciences, alongside local luminaries working in both disciplines, in order to answer that unwieldy question: What makes us human? Listen below, and dig in to your humanity with a new episode every month!

Support the Show

We love bananas, bugs, and bark, but it's individual monetary donations that support Better than Monkeys. Love the show? Show us! Thank you! Love, your pub radio humans.

About Brian

Brian has been better than a monkey—right here in Erie—for as long as he can remember (or will admit). His tenure as super-simian has included deep engagement with local arts as a regular performer with several local orchestras & bands and as host of WQLN Radio's flagship music program Classics with Brian Hannah. He knows less than nothing about the sciences. (Just kidding, Brian!) For first-time BTM listeners, BH recommends, "You've gotta hear Shawn Clerkin get electrocuted. Only then will your listening experience be complete."
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