Fall Pledge Drive


WQLN Radio’s Fall Membership Campaign begins September 6 . . . unless YOU donate early and help us reach $100,000 – without any program interruptions!

This year we’ve themed the drive #BePublic, and we’re working hard to make sure that it's both informative and entertaining. During the drive you’ll hear case statements from WQLN staff and community volunteers about the need to support YOUR public radio station. The goal of the drive is $100,000, and the length of the drive is up to you and other WQLN Radio listeners.

Join in the fun, and support the service you rely on. Donate now!

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Give a Public Service Announcement

A gift of $250 or more to WQLN allows you to give EIGHT Public Service Announcements to a second non-profit organization of your choice!

$250 – 8 PSAs
$500 – 16 PSAs
$750 – 24 PSAs
$1000 – 40 PSAs

What are PSAs and why are they valuable?
A PSA (public service announcement) is a 30 second WQLN produced spot that airs on WQLN Radio. It allows a non-profit organization to tell about their mission or maybe an upcoming event.

Most non-profits have very limited marketing budgets…but they still need to get their message out to their constituents. Your gift of PSAs gives them an opportunity to promote themselves and tell their story.

NOTE: The non-profit must have local offices in our community. The PSA cannot be a fundraising spot.

Employer Matching Gift Program

Many corporations match the gifts their employees give to non-profits, such as WQLN. These matching programs have become part of many corporate giving initiatives to extend the reach of corporate giving, increase good public opinion, and to encourage employees to be actively involved in supporting their communities.

This program doubles the impact of your gift! It's easy, too! When you make your donation to WQLN Radio, just tell us your employer's name, or the employer that you are retired from, as some companies, like GE, will still match gifts from retirees. Once we process your information, we'll send you a letter if your employer matches, reminding you to visit their Human Resource department to finalize the match. It's that easy!

Last year, WQLN received over $40,000 in revenue from the Employer Matching Gifts Program!

Thank You Gifts

  • $60 - BePublic shirt$60 - BePublic shirt
  • $72 - Mister Rogers: It's You I Like DVD$72 - Mister Rogers DVD
  • $75 - Morning Edition mug$75 - Morning Edition mug
  • $75 - Stand with the Facts mug$75 - Stand with the Facts mug
  • $75 - The Great American Read ear buds$75 - TGAR ear buds
  • $102 - Stand with the Facts tote$102 - Stand with the Facts tote
  • $102 - The Great American Read tote$102 - TGAR tote
  • $120 - Public Radio Nerd socks$120 - Public Radio Nerd socks
  • $120 - Stand with the Facts shirt$120 - Stand with the Facts shirt
  • $120 - Car Talk signed poster$120 - Car Talk signed poster
  • $120 - The Great American Read stainless bottle$120 - TGAR stainless bottle
  • $150 - LL Bean Traditional Balsam Wreath$150 - LL Bean Balsam Wreath
  • $180 - Amazon Echo Dot$180 - Amazon Echo Dot
  • $180 - Mister Rogers combo pack$180 - Mister Rogers combo pack
  • $204 - Morning Edition canvas hoodie$204 - Morning Edition canvas hoodie
  • $240 - All Things Considered sock set$240 - All Things Considered sock set
  • $300 - NPR bow tie$300 - NPR bow tie
  • $300 - The Great American Read speaker$300 - TGAR speaker