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WQLN Families Turn on to Literacy is an innovative literacy workshop series that emphasizes the involvement of the entire family in a child’s education. This four-week program brings parents and children together once a week for an interactive learning experience that includes reading, hands-on activities, and educational television programming.

Workshop Outline
Week 1 – The Learning Process and Foundational Reading Skills
Week 2 – Vocabulary Development and Comprehension
Week 3 – The Reading/Writing Connection
Week 4 – Developing Fluency and Higher-Order Thinking

Families sign a contract requiring them to change their viewing and reading habits for 30 days. Adopting the PBS Ready to Learn Learning Triangle concept, parents are able to increase the educational success of their child.

WQLN Families Turn on to Literacy extends our educational outreach through a series of workshops conducted in childcare centers, schools and community centers.

Programs include four series of workshops:

  • The Traditional Literacy series supplies parents with information about child development, emphasizing the importance of how kids learn, phonemic awareness, phonics and decoding, vocabulary and word recognition, comprehension, the writing process, fluency, and higher-order thinking. PBS Kids programs included in the curriculum are Between the Lions, Super Why, and Martha Speaks.
  • The Social & Emotional Literacy (SEL) series helps children and adults develop the skills, attitudes, and values necessary to acquire competence in the SEL skill areas of self-awareness, self-regulation, social skills and relationships, and social awareness (showing empathy and perspective-taking). PBS Kids programs included in the SEL curriculum are programs like Clifford the Big Red Dog and Arthur.
  • Families are introduced to healthy eating habits, the importance of exercise, ways to stay healthy with proper hand-washing and germ control, and suggestions for increased physical activity in the Nutritional Literacy series. In addition, families learn to identify popular advertising techniques used to sell food. Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Arthur, and Berenstain Bears are the PBS Kids programs included in this curriculum.
  • Financial Literacy offers a basis for the responsible use of money and credit. Participants learn to make informed financial decisions that can affect their families and their future. PBS Kids programs included in the curriculum are Cyberchase, Arthur, and Berenstain Bears.

Below is a list of some of the books distributed to participating families.

Click Clack Moo
by Doreen Cronin
Arthur's New Puppy
by Marc Brown
The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig
by Eugene Trivizas
Flat Stanley
by Jeff Brown
Below is a list of some of the PBS Kids programs used in the workshops.

Making Your Home a Classroom

1. Choose quality books.
2. Choose TV that teaches.
3. Do activities to build on what you've watched.

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