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Q-Kids Readers

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Q-Kids Readers for Home

Would you like to see your name in lights? All you have to do is read, read, and read! When you reach one of the goals listed below, you will become a Q-Kids Reader and your name will be aired on WQLN-TV 54.1! Is that cool or what?

There is just one requirement
One of your books must be related to PBS. For example, you can read a book about Elmo, Arthur, or Martha Speaks. For our older readers, you might be inspired to read a book about ice glaciers after watching an episode of NOVA. Simply include this information in the e-mail. For our more advanced readers, 100 pages is equivalent to 1 book. For example, if you read 1500 pages, it will be counted as 15 books. Make sure one of your book selections is inspired by something you watched on WQLN-TV 54.1.

Submitting Your List
After you have read all of your books for the month, ask your mom, dad or guardian to contact Q-Kids Readers and include their name and address (to show that we have permission to air your name on WQLN-TV 54.1), your name, your age, and all of your book titles. You will immediately be enrolled in Q-Kids Readers! It's simple, free, and fun! Submit your book list by the 25th of the month, and your child's name will air for 30 days beginning the first week of the following month.

When submitting your child's book list each month, please include the child's name, the number of books read, the title of each book with the author's name, then submit your books list by 5 pm on the 25th of each month to Q-Kids Readers. Remember to highlight the PBS book within your book list.

  Download the Q-Kids Readers Book Log

To become a Q-Kids Readers Business Partner, contact Kathy Woodard at (814) 217-6001.

Q-Kids Readers for Classrooms

Teachers, help make reading more fun in your classroom!
Enroll your class in Q-Kids Readers, WQLN’s free monthly book club, and receive a set of books for your classroom when you reach the gold level!

BRONZE: Read 5 books together as a class
Each student will receive a Q-Kids Readers membership card.

SILVER: Read 10 books together as a class
The classroom will be recognized on WQLN-TV 54.1 each time it reads 10 books within a month!

GOLD: Read 15 books together as a class
The teacher will receive a set of books* and the classroom will receive an ice cream sundae party!**
*Limit of three (3) sets of books per classroom, per year. **Limit of one (1) ice cream party per classroom, per year.

Help your class keep track of its progress with the Class Punch Card and Class Book Log.
  Class Punch Card   Class Book Log

For more information about Q-Kids Readers for Classrooms, contact Kathy Woodard at (814) 217-6001.
  Download the Q-Kids Readers Flyer

Q-Kids Readers Elementary School
Reading Competition

WQLN Education, in partnership with UPMC for Kids, is excited to announce the 6th annual Q-Kids Readers Elementary School Reading Competition, an educational outreach event for all area elementary schools.

The rules are simple. The school that earns the most points, per the rules linked below, and the classroom and student that tally the most books, will be declared the winners in their respective categories.
  • The winning school will be presented with a trophy.
  • The winning classroom will receive a pizza party, and the teacher will receive loads of classroom supplies!
  • The winning student will receive a cool prize!

The competition will begin September 2, 2019, and end on December 2, 2019.
For information on how to register your school or your classroom, download the forms linked below, or contact Kathy Woodard at (814) 217-6001.

REMINDER: For our more advanced readers, 100 pages is equivalent to 1 book. For example, if you read 1,500 pages, you should count it as 15 books. All students are required to read one PBS related book.

  Download Reading Competition Rules and Forms