WQLN in the Classroom

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WQLN in the Classroom is a one-hour curriculum-based program for Pre-K and Kindergarten students. The program presents one educational objective per session, using the PBS Ready to Learn learning triangle, VIEW-READ-DO, which is designed to deliver one concept, three different ways.

A skilled WQLN instructor will come prepared with a lesson plan. Using the magic of public television programming, students will view content-enriched PBS Kids programs to spark their sense of curiosity and love of learning. The facilitator will read a story aloud to the students, making a connection to what was viewed. The instructor will take the educational idea introduced in the PBS Kids program and turn it into a hands-on learning experience. Each student will receive a book and a take-home bag of activities to do with their parents. To close out the program, students will get a unique opportunity to meet one of the beloved PBS characters.

To sponsor a class, or to schedule a session, contact Kathy Woodard at (814) 217-6001.

What local teachers like about WQLN in the Classroom

WQLN in the Classroom at St. Luke School

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