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Please contact:


Thomas J. Pysz

Director of Corporate and Foundation Support



WQLN TV 54.1, 54.2, and 54.3 Erie-London and WQLN Radio 

8425 Peach Street

Erie, PA  16509-4788


Direct: 814-217-6073   or   814-864-3001 x173

814-434-2342 Cell

FAX: 814-864-4077

Email:  tomp@wqln.org

< A complete printed outline with all our information is available by downloading this PDF file.



Help support WQLN PUBLIC MEDIA while at the same time creating an awareness for your company or non-profit organization.



Why Promote on WQLN?


Your Message is Noticed and Uncluttered
There is no clutter on public broadcasting. We have a limited number of messages per break.


Be in Good Company
A business is known by the company it keeps-and public broadcasting offers some of the best. Your name is associated with the quality and reputations of the likes of Gwen Ifil, Bob Edwards, Steve Inskeep, Renee Montagne, Garrison Keilor, and Jim Lehrer. 


Get the Recognition You Deserve
When you underwrite a public television program, the first and last image the viewer sees identifies your company. Your corporate logo can be shown to provide clear visual identification of your company to the viewing public. The impact is positive, graphic and lasting.


Discriminating Viewers
The WQLN audience is highly educated, affluent, and influential.*


Your Audience is a Co-Underwriter
Your target audience includes many who are also helping to support public television and radio through their membership dollars. Because of this investment, they feel a special relationship with their public broadcasting station that is unique in the industry.


Get the Applause You Deserve
In addition to on-air credits, many underwriters acquire even greater public response by backing their program investment with promotional campaigns. You can ensure maximum recognition by promoting the program with ads, billing inserts, point of purchase displays, employee newsletters, etc.


Provide a Meaningful Form of Service to Your Community
As a underwriter, you support your community and its people in many ways. You make some of the world's finest performances available to all, you help provide a forum for airing different views on important issues and your support helps to expend the educational opportunities of children and adults alike through on-air and in-classroom programs.


The great philanthropist Andrew Carnegie once said, "It is more difficult to give money away intelligently than to earn it in the first place." When businesses, corporations and foundations support WQLN, they can see how their money is being spent: Hour after hour of remarkable musical performances, insightful news and public affairs programs, exciting nature shows, humorous and enlightening and stimulating radio programs plus very special educational and learning programs for children. WQLN is a program service that inspires dreamers and stretches the limits of public broadcasting. You can see and hear it happening.


*Information from ICR, EXCEL Omnibus, Interviews with 1,000 U.S. Adults, "Listeners Opinions of Corporate," May 2001 

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