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Past Recipients
Erie Zoo
Academy Theatre of Meadville
Humane Society
Ophelia Project
Habitat for Humanity
Erie Playhouse
Glenwood YMCA
Big Brother/Big Sisters
Women’s Services of Meadville
French Creek Project
Blood Bank
Erie Dawn
Because You Care
Erie Art Museum
Perseus House
Erie Maritime Museum
City Mission
Catholic Charities Counseling and Adoption Services
It's a "two-fer"
You know…two for one!

A gift of $250 or more to WQLN allows you to give EIGHT Public Service Announcements to a second non-profit organization of your choice!

$500 = 16 PSA spots to one non-profit
or 8 PSA spots each to two non-profits

What are PSA’s and why are they valuable?
A PSA (public service announcement) is a 30 second WQLN produced spot that airs on WQLN Radio. It allows a non-profit organization to tell about their mission or maybe an upcoming event.

Most non-profits have very limited marketing Budgets…but they still need to get their message out to their constituents. Your gift of PSA’s gives them an opportunity to promote themselves and tell their story.

NOTE: The non-profit must have local offices in our community The PSA cannot be a fundraising spot.
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