Collegiate Challenge 2011
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Help WQLN Radio make history this year—your first time pledge of $40 will not only help us reach our highest ever financial goal, but will help us reach our highest new member goal yet! Two hundred new members at a pledge of $40 would put $8,000 in WQLN Radio's fundraising bank. It's difficult to determine what turns a long time listener into a first time contributor. It's not something anyone can pin point and the reason is as different for each person as fingerprints. What remains constant, however, and unifies all members as a family, is a passion for and strong belief in public radio. So, if you find yourself looking forward to that familiar melody that marks the end of the work day, if you shed a tear in the morning as you tune your ear to a touching interview from Story Corps, or if you spend your Saturday evenings unwinding to the nostalgic music played by Bill Garts, maybe it's time to ask yourself, "What can I do to help keep the passion alive?"
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