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February 2010

Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14th every year. Valentine's day is a great day to celebrate our friends. School children decorate their classrooms with bright red paper hearts and often exchange "valentines."


Bear Valentine Bag

What You Need:
Small brown bags 
Construction paper or foam
Googly eyes

What You Do:
Cut out small paper or foam hearts to decorate the bag.

Glue these hearts to the paper bag to form eyes, ears, cheeks, and so on.
Use a marker to draw the bear mouth.
googly eyes and a bow tie onto the bear as the finishing touches.



American Sign Language Activity

The American Sign Language sign for the phrase I love you is an open hand, facing out towards the other person, with the third and fourth finger tucked down to the palm.
Help your child learn the sign for I love you by tracing their hand on a piece of paper.  Then cut out the shape of the hand.  Make a heart out of colored paper and then glue the paper heart into the palm of the hand cut-out.  Write I love you on the heart and then tuck the third and fourth finger down over the heart shape.  Glue the fingers down onto the heart.  And, you have a nice cut out of the American Sign Language symbol for I love you!


Suggested Reading:

Clifford's Valentines Day by Norman Bridwell


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