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December 24, 2010

Use your child's hands and feet to make a beautiful homemade Christmas decoration!


Hands and Feet Reindeer Craft

What You Need:
Brown construction paper or brown paper bag
Markers or crayons
Yellow or light brown construction paper
Large red pom-pom
Googley eyes (optional)


What You Do:

First, trace your hands onto the brown paper. These will serve at the antlers. Next, trace your shoe onto the brown paper. This will serve as the head. Cut the antlers and reindeer head from the brown paper. Then, trace and cut the ears from the other brown paper.


Glue the antlers together at an angle. Add the ears and glue the head on. Glue the eyes to the head. Glue the red pom-pom onto the head for the bright red nose. Finally, add a smile with a crayon or marker!

Fingerprint Santa!


What You Need:

Washable paint


What You Do:
Cut potatoes into shapes for the face, beard, and hat. Dip the face-shaped potato into pink paint (you can mix red and white to get this color). Press the painted end of the potato onto the paper. Dip the hat-shaped potato into red paint. Press the painted end of the potato onto the paper.


Next, dip the beard-shaped potato into white paint. Press the painted end of the potato onto the paper. Let the paint dry completely. Draw eyes, a nose, a mouth, and any other desired features.


Suggested Reading:

Arthur's Christmas by Marc Brown

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