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November 20, 2009

Halloween is a great time of year for educational fun for kids of all ages! This one requires only supplies already available around the home... plus, two hands and a foot!


It is Turkey Time!

Make a turkey hat together this Thanksgiving.


What You Need:
Brown construction paper or paper bag
Colored paper
Crayons or markers


What You Do:
From the brown construction paper or paper bags, cut a circle for the turkey's head. Next, cut a wide band to fit around your child's head. From the cardboard, cut a strip to use for a neck. Fold it accordion style, then glue one end to the back of the paper circle. For a beak, fold yellow paper and cut out a small triangle. Cut a rounded L shape from red paper for the turkey's wattle.


To create eyes, draw a black circle on each pom-pom with the marker. Or if you do not have pom poms, use white paper instead. Glue the eyes, wattle and one side of the beak to the head. Let them dry. Then, glue the loose end of the neck to the center of the headband.


Now, wrap the headband around your child's head and mark where the ends overlap. Remove the band and glue the ends together. Finally, glue on construction paper feathers and wings.


Take it further

On each feather have your child write something that he is thankful for. This is a great activity for the entire family to do together!

Where Did the Turkey Lay Its Egg?
Gobble, Gobble! Giblet, Giblet!


What You Need:
Hardboiled egg


What You Do:
To start, one child leaves the room while a hard-boiled egg is hidden. The others then call the seeker back and direct him toward the egg, saying "gobble, gobble" instead of "warmer" and "giblet, giblet" instead of "colder." Once the egg is found, a new seeker is named, and the game repeats.


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