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January 15, 2010

The snow is flying, so it is time for some winter themed educational fun! Plus, this is a great opportunity to learn or review shapes.


Shape Up A Paper Penguin


What You Need:
Colored paper

What You Do:
Cut out a variety of shapes to form your penguin - 2 ovals (1 medium white and 1 large black), 1 large black circle, 2 oblong black ovals, 3 orange triangles, 2 small white circles 

Glue the penguin together in the following order:
     1. Glue the medium white oval onto the large black oval
     2. Glue two orange triangles onto the body for feet
     3. Glue the small white circles onto the black circle to form eyes
     4. Glue the black circle onto the top of the body to form a head
     5. Glue an orange triagle to the head to form a beak
     6. Glue the two oblong ovals onto the body to form wings


*NOTE: Substitute handprints for wings if desired. And, use brass fasteners instead of glue to attach the wings if you want them to be moveable.


Take it further:
Create a fingerprint penguin with washable white, black, and orange paint. Use a white thumbprint for the body, black fingerprints for the wings and head, and bit of orange paint to design the feet and beak. This will look great on blue or purple paper.


Suggested Reading:

Counting Penguins by Betsey Chessen

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