From the Archives:

Nineteenth Century newspapers are a window on the social and political life of the community and the nation.  Read between the lines and you’ll discover valuable clues about abolitionist activities and the Underground Railroad.   

Forcible arrest of a supposed fugitive slave, Mercer Luminary, Mercer, Pennsylvania,
October 6, 1841

First-hand account of Harrison Williams capture in Busti, New York October 3, 1851, written three days after the incident occurred.  Frederick Douglass Paper, Rochester, New York, November 6, 1851 

Frederick Douglass letter from the editor commenting on recent anti-slavery meeting in Sugar Grove, Warren County, Pennsylvania.  Frederick Douglass Paper, Rochester, New York, June 23,1854

 “The Bonny Brown Mare: or the Way an Abolitionist was ‘Done Brown’,” about an event that took place in Wellsburg, near Albion, Pennsylvania, Erie Observer, Erie, Pennsylvania, September 26, 1857

Announcement of the Arrival of Frederick Douglass to Erie, Erie Observer, Erie, Pennsylvania, April 24, 1858

The Visit of Frederick Douglass,” Erie Weekly Gazette, Erie, Pennsylvania, April 29, 1858

Notice of increasing Underground Railroad activity, The Crawford Journal Meadville, Pennsylvania, May 3, 1859

The Negro Bill, Erie Observer, Erie, Pennsylvania, April 11, 1863

Hamilton Waters’ ad searching for family members after the Civil War
The Christian Recorder, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, October 28, 1865