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WQLN FAMILIES Turn on to Nutritional Literacy extends our educational outreach through a series of workshops that are conducted in schools, community centers, at the WQLN Fatica Learning Center and in the workplace.



 -Actively involves parents, teachers, students, community members, employers and employees.
-Provides an opportunity for public television to connect families to opportunities, resources, social networks, services and education.
-Reaches minorities, the disadvantaged, female and underserved youth populations in an exciting way to improve education helping them pursue rewarding careers.
-Rewards families when they participate in the entire workshop series.
-Empowers families to make the changes they need to be successful.
-Forms positive relationships.
-Supports teachers with standards-based curriculum and in-class lessons.
-Involves the community.
-Makes connections between life at school, home, the workplace and the community.
-Supplies free books!

During the four-week (one evening per week) workshop series, parents will work with WQLN Facilitators to learn about nutritional literacy. Nutritional literacy provides the foundation for introduction to and implementation of a healthy lifestyle for the families attending the workshops. This would include nutritional information, suggestions for increased physical activity, and health-related information the families can incorporate within their lifestyles.


KidsHealthKidsPolls recently surveyed 1100 children from 9-13 years in age regarding weight-related issues. 52% of the children interviewed believe that obesity in children today is definitely a problem. An alarming 59% said that they have at some point already tried to lose weight! Most of these children arent even teenagers yet! It is the goal of Nutritional FAMILIES to reach children who are 5-8 years old and make them aware of how important good nutrition and the healthy lifestyle it leads to is in their young lives. Hopefully, with the assistance of their parents, we can get these kids started off on the right track towards a healthy lifestyle. If we can do this, they can concentrate more on their cognitive skills, athletic abilities, and the social joys that come with being a child.


Nutritional literacy is a fundamental tool for each of us, whether we are making choices as parents, teachers, childcare providers, or members of the community. WQLN has recognized the importance of teaching nutritional literacy to the entire family teaching parents and children in an effort to help them overcome barriers that are unique to each family.


Topics covered in the four week series include:

"What is Nutritional Literacy?" This session is designed to introduce parents to the concepts of  nutritional literacy and media literacy. Before parents can help their children learn about maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they need to understand the impact the media has on their children.

"Eating Right!" This session is designed to help parents teach their children the importance of good nutrition. The updated food pyramid will be presented. The alarming rise in the rate of childhood obesity will also be discussed in this session.

"Get Up and Move!" This session is designed to illustrate to parents the importance of keeping their children physically active. A regular routine of exercise will help to promote a healthy lifestyle.

"Staying Healthy!" This session is designed to help parents work with their kids at staying healthy. Topics covered include: Preventing Disease with Proper Germ Control Techniques, Vitamin Supplements, What to do When Your Child is Sick, and more.

The lessons are designed to be hands-on activities. While the majority of the lessons will be led by WQLN facilitators (PA certified teachers), a member of the community will be invited in week four to help the participants draw a parallel to what they learned in the workshops and how they can continue their family's journey toward better nutrition and better health.


Because all of WQLN's programs revolve around literacy, each parent who successfully completes the program will receive a year's worth of children's books for their family. The books will have a "healthy lifestyle" focus and will be age appropriate.


Potential book titles include:

"The Berenstein Bears Too Much Junk Food"
"Feast for Ten"
"Growing Vegetable Soup"
"Clifford's Tummy Trouble"
"Gregory, The Terrible Eater"
"I Will Never Not Ever Eat a Tomato!"
"Elmo Says Achoo!"
"How Kids Grow"
"Germs, Germs, Germs"
"Eat Your Peas, Louise!"
"Body Battles"


Additionally, each family that completes the program will be enrolled in the "WQLN Kid's Club" receiving discount coupons, and passes to Waldameer.


For more information, contact Kathy at (814) 217-6001 or kcarducci@wqln.org.

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