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WQLN FAMILIES Turn on to Financial Literacy extends our educational outreach through a series of workshops that are conducted in schools, community centers, at the WQLN Fatica Learning Center and in the workplace.



Is an educational multimedia project that combines television viewing (PBS programs) with books, hands on activities, technology and the Internet.

-Actively involves parents, teachers, students, community members, employers and employees.
-Provides an opportunity for public television to connect families to opportunities, resources, social networks, services and education.
-Incorporates the national "Ready To Learn" program and addresses "No Child Left Behind Mandates"
-Reaches minorities, the disadvantaged, female and underserved youth populations in an exciting way to improve education helping them pursue rewarding careers.
-Rewards families when they participate in the entire workshop series.
-Empowers families to make the changes they need to be successful.
-Forms positive relationships.
-Supports teachers with standards-based curriculum and in-class lessons.
-Involves the community.
-Makes connections between life at school, home, the workplace and the community
-Supplies free books!


Financial literacy provides the foundation for saving and investing wisely. It is the basis for the responsible use of credit and money and for making informed financial decisions that can affect our families and our future. In short, financial literacy is a fundamental tool for each of us, whether we are making choices as students, consumers, members of the workforce or responsible citizens and voters.


In the Erie region, there are almost 14,000 children under the age of 18 living in poverty. Additionally, most inner-city parents report they are unable to afford financial counseling due to income constraints. WQLN has recognized the importance of teaching financial literacy to the entire family - teaching parents and children in an effort to help them overcome barriers that are unique to each family.


Topics covered in the four week series include:

"Banking on our Future" - Helping your child explore their mathematical skills.


The Basics of Saving and Investing


Budgeting and Balancing


"Don't Buy It": Media Literacy and the Urge to Spend Instead of Save


Math can be fun! Utilizing the PBS Program, "Cyberchase", kids and children get their brains into mathematical gear, developing problem solving and mathematical skills. 



For more information, contact Kathy at (814) 217-6001 or kcarducci@wqln.org.

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