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What if we could stop abuse before it ever begins by teaching children from an early age about responsible emotional behavior?


And then, as adults, modeled that behavior for them?


What if we asked our young children about their feelings?


And then, we really listened?


What if we learned, as adults, how to create a positive learning environment for our children in their schools and homes?


And incorporated emotional literacy into our daily lives?


WQLN FAMILIES: Turn on to Emotional Literacy extends our flagship educational outreach program into the field of Emotional Intelligence. Through a series of workshops conducted in schools, community centers, at the WQLN Fatica Learning Center and in the workplace, the program teaches specific emotional intelligence skills to improve the classroom and home environment.


WQLN FAMILIES: Turn on to Emotional Literacy:

-Is part of the original "WQLN FAMILIES" series, recognized by President George W. Bush in 2002 as one of the best family literacy programs in the country.
-Is an educational multimedia project that combines television viewing (PBS programs) with books, hands on activities, technology and the Internet.
-Actively involves parents, teachers, students, community members, employers and employees.
-Provides an opportunity for public television to connect families to opportunities, resources, social networks, services and education.
-Reaches minorities, the disadvantaged, female and underserved youth populations in an exciting way to improve education and emotional intelligence.
-Rewards families when they participate in the entire workshop series.
-Empowers families to make the changes they need to be successful.
-Forms positive relationships.
-Supports teachers.
-Involves the community.
-Makes connections between life at school, home, the workplace and the community.
-Supplies free books!
-Collaborates with national organizations including: 6Seconds, Self-Science, the Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation and PBS.


Emotional Literacy can be defined as: the ability to recognize, understand, handle and appropriately express your emotions. WQLN FAMILIES: Turn on to Emotional Literacy teaches parents and teachers specific emotional intelligence skills to improve both the classroom and home environment.


The four-workshop series is broken down into the following two-hour sessions. Classes will consist of up to 20 families - parents of elementary-aged students, plus those students' teachers.


Session I: Understanding your child's EQ (Emotional Quotient)
The importance of communication and cooperation.
Activities included in the session:
Nonsense and Rhymes
Can You See What I'm Thinking?
Singing Instead of Saying
Working Together
How television programming affects your child's emotions


Session II: Feelings and Choices
Hands are not for hurting
Activities included in the session:
Making Choices
Winning and Losing
Paint Your Feelings
Sometimes Isn't' Always
Understanding your Child's Feelings in Ten Steps


Session III: The Power of Relationships
Understanding Good vs. Bad Relationships
Exploring Fear and Anger
Activities included in this session:
My Family and Me
Different Kind of Families
Big Bully
Exploring Fear Activity Book
Exploring Anger Activity Book


Session IV: Self-Control and Patience
Identifying and Owning Your Own Feelings
Creating a Positive Learning Environment for Your Child
Activities included in this session:
Talking About Waiting
It's Too Noisy
Fast and Slow, Then Stop


Each session's activities are reinforced with examples of PBS programming. Age-appropriate reading materials are also recommended in each session. Activities are taken from: "Mister Rogers Plan and Play Book"; "What Do You Do With the Mad That You Feel", and the "Enchante Emotional Literacy Series".


Additional activities and reference materials provided by Self-Science.com and 6Seconds.org.

WQLN FAMILIES: Turn on to Emotional Literacy extends the mission of all WQLN programs to enhance the quality of life by supporting literacy, learning and social and emotional development.

For more information, contact Kathy at (814) 217-6001 or kcarducci@wqln.org.

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