Local Productions

Women & Cancer

Every woman has a story. A different stage of diagnosis. A different course of treatment. But there is something they all have in common, dealing with life with - or after - cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, getting the facts about cancer is an important step in taking care of your overall health. Women and Cancer introduces five remarkable Pennsylvania women who live with cancer, as it looks at the latest techniques in preventing, detecting, and treating some of the most common cancers affecting women: skin, ovarian, lung, and breast cancers. It also examines efforts to improve the quality of life for cancer patients after treatment. Hosted by Erie's own Cyndy Patton, the program offers new hope for cancer patients.

Perspective: The Lake Erie Quadrangle Marine Sanctuary

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has re-established a process allowing the public to nominate maritime and Great Lakes areas for National Marine Sanctuary status. Is the Lake Erie Quadrangle the perfect candidate?.

Baby's First Year

Babies are amazing. When they enter this world, they are born with everything they need for a lifetime. The only thing missing is the owner’s manual! This film is your owner’s manual to your baby’s first year.

Shakespeare Uncovered - Behind the Bard

Perhaps no English-language works are more enduring than those of William Shakespeare, whose themes continue to be relevant in our daily lives. Enjoy WQLN TV's original “Behind the Bard” shorts, in support of the PBS series Shakespeare Uncovered II (February 2015 on WQLN-TV 54.1 and at pbs.org). WQLN, Gannon University’s Schuster Theatre, and the Erie Playhouse team up to share unique Shakespeare insights.

Erie Now

Erie Now, a WQLN TV Original Production, is an informative series of discussions featuring local journalists who interview local Erie Vital Signs experts about Erie County's well-being in eight topic areas. Erie Now aims to inform the public and inspire community action in key areas of greatest importance to the vitality of our region.

Perspective: 30 Seconds of Magic

This WQLN TV Original Production examines first-hand the process, from start to finish, of producing a series of award-winning television commercials. From scripting, logistics, and casting, to on-site shoots, to the final touches of sound-effects, editing, and animation, you can see behind the scenes as a local full-service production house transforms raw inspiration and talent into a final product that feels like... pure magic.

Perspective: Jewish History

Produced in collaboration with WNET and Mercyhurst University, the two-part WQLN TV Original Production Perspective: Jewish History re-visits Imperial Rome and Europe in the Middle Ages to discover how and why Christendom made outsiders of the Jewish people.

Sounds Around Town

Sounds Around Town was a free concert series presented by WQLN Public Media and held on Friday evening in July and August 2014. The concerts were recorded and aired on WQLN TV on the following Thursday evening. The program is hosted by WQLN Radio's own Gary Finney, all-around groovy guy and host of The Third Set on WQLN Radio 91.3FM, and featured rock, jazz, funk, and fusion by Erie favorite Eric Brewer & Friends (July 11); jazzy, pulse-pumping original tunes from The Heliotropes (July 18); and bluesy originals from up-and-coming singer/songwriter Bronsen Euard & The Essentials (August 1).

Past Productions

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