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Weekend All Things Erie

Second Sunday of every month from 4pm - 5pm

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Weekend All Things Erie

Riveting, raw, and revelatory conversations, fresh and dynamic dialogue—it's Weekend All Things Erie with Ben Speggen: the program that takes you into the heart of the affairs that affect our community and gives a deeper insight into the individuals shaping our region. The second Sunday of every month from 4pm - 5pm on WQLN Radio.

About Ben

Ben Speggen eats, sleeps, and breathes stories—which is why hosting Weekend All Things Erie on WQLN thrills him. From editing, writing, and researching at Erie Reader, where he serves as the publication's managing editor, to teaching writing and literature as an adjunct lecturer at local universities, Speggen is constantly working with words, observing how they shape and make meaning in order to reveal the world around us through the art of storytelling. Working in media and being a social creature, Ben is continually fascinated by the world of social media. And since others often seem interested in it, too, he shares his notions through the city and beyond, serving as a guest lecturer to various organizations looking to tap into the evolving ways in which we tell our stories.