Shadows & Moonbeams

  • Pauline Garvin

Shadows & Moonbeams

Fridays from midnight - 1am

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About the Show

Since 1987, Shadows and Moonbeams has provided a weekly journey through new age music; the program has been a journey for me as well! Back in 1985, my brother was working as an FM board operator at WQLN when he told me the station needed extra help; I went to work weekends as an FM board operator while attending Mercyhurst College. My parents were also involved in volunteering at WQLN as TV camera operators during memberships and auction. My boyfriend at the time (now my husband of 19 years!) began volunteering at WQLN as well, so you can see public radio and television has been quite the "family affair"! We assisted with local television productions in the capacities of camera operators, floor directors, key grips, etc. during Lou Richards' tenure as Producer/Director. Programs we worked on included "On Shifting Sands" as well as others. But back to radio; Stephen Hill with his program "Music from the Hearts of Space" was a major influence on my interest in new age music; his program would air during my late night shifts at WQLN. Joe DiGiorgio was the Sunday evening jazz host back in those days; he would always talk to me about his love of music and radio.

One Sunday evening during a membership campaign, there was a snowstorm and Joe's support crew couldn't get to the radio station. Joe asked me to help him with on-air membership breaks in their absence and the rest is history! Guido Ruzzier was also a big influence on my involvement in radio; as I became more comfortable being on-air, I would assist Guido with his program as well. Tom McLaren believed in my abilities and offered me the opportunity to host my own program. Things have changed considerably since I began hosting Shadows and Moonbeams; when I started in 1987, we recorded from vinyl records onto large reel-to-reel machines. Later the station switched to smaller DAT tapes and CDs; we are now recording our programs using Sound Forge software on the computer. Shadows and Moonbeams varies weekly; sometimes I feature new age electronic style music, other weeks it's piano, harp, Celtic, sometimes it's vocals.

This format mirrors my own eclectic personal tastes in music--at my jobs in medical billing I listen to classical music or new age, other times I listen to classic rock (Neil Young, The Eagles, Janis Joplin, Ozzy Osbourne, Bad Company, Boston, Jethro Tull, Marsall Tucker Band, Credence Clearwater Revival, Led Zeppelin) easy listening (Dan Fogleberg, Bread, Jim Croce, Seals and Crofts, Emerson, Lake and Palmer) and have attended concerts by AC/DC, Kansas, Lynrd Skynrd, John Denver, Charlie Daniels, Bob Dylan, Kenny Rogers, the Erie Philharmonic, the Buffalo Philharmonic and others. Let Shadows and Moonbeams take you on a weekly musical journey to complement your own life journey, Fridays at midnight on WQLN Radio.