Collegiate Challenge

Help Us to Reach Our Goal!

School Totals

School Current Total Last Year's Total % of Last Year
Allegheny College $ $
Edinboro University $ $
Gannon University $ $
Mercyhurst University $ $
Penn State Erie, the Behrend College $ $

Collegiate Challenge

Can you help WQLN Radio and your favorite school reach their goal by donating early? Let's find out! Donate right now to help shorten our fall fundraiser! When we get to our goal of $100,000, our fundraiser ends and we'll award trophies to the winning schools.

Beginning October 24, WQLN Radio, Erie's local public radio station, will visit the campuses of Allegheny, Edinboro, Mercyhurst, Gannon and Penn State Behrend. During this time, teachers, staff, students, and alumni can show their school pride, while showing their support for NPR news, classical and jazz music and the cultural entertainment heard on WQLN Radio, located on the dial at 91.3FM.

When donations are made in the name of a school, a friendly competition ensues, culminating with the presentation of two trophies to the winning schools—one for Most Money Raised and one for Most Improved. It's all part of WQLN Radio's fall "Collegiate Challenge" and just one of the ways the station puts the "F-U-N" in fundraising.

Currently, the "Collegiate Challenge" trophies rest in the display cases of Penn State Erie, the Behrend College and Mercyhurst University. Where they reside after the fundraiser is over is up to listeners. Donate to support the programs on WQLN Radio while showing pride in your favorite school—take part in the Challenge!


Day Time Location
Thursday, Oct. 20 6am - 6pm Pep Rally Day at WQLN
Friday, Oct. 21 6am - 6pm Homecoming at WQLN
Monday, Oct. 24 6am - 1pm Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
Tuesday, Oct. 25 6am - 1pm Mercyhurst University
Wednesday, Oct. 26 6am - 1pm Gannon University
Thursday, Oct. 27 6am - 1pm Allegheny College
Friday, Oct. 28 6am - 1pm Edinboro University

Give a Public Service Announcement

A gift of $250 or more to WQLN allows you to give EIGHT Public Service Announcements to a second non-profit organization of your choice!

$250 – 8 PSAs
$500 – 16 PSAs
$750 – 24 PSAs
$1000 – 40 PSAs

What are PSAs and why are they valuable?
A PSA (public service announcement) is a 30 second WQLN produced spot that airs on WQLN Radio. It allows a non-profit organization to tell about their mission or maybe an upcoming event.

Most non-profits have very limited marketing budgets…but they still need to get their message out to their constituents. Your gift of PSAs gives them an opportunity to promote themselves and tell their story.

NOTE: The non-profit must have local offices in our community. The PSA cannot be a fundraising spot.

Employer Matching Gift Program

Many corporations match the gifts their employees give to non-profits, such as WQLN. These matching programs have become part of many corporate giving initiatives to extend the reach of corporate giving, increase good public opinion, and to encourage employees to be actively involved in supporting their communities.

This program doubles the impact of your gift! It's easy, too! When you make your donation to WQLN Radio, just tell us your employer's name, or the employer that you are retired from, as some companies, like GE, will still match gifts from retirees. Once we process your information, we'll send you a letter if your employer matches, reminding you to visit their Human Resource department to finalize the match. It's that easy!

Last year, WQLN received over $40,000 in revenue from the Employer Matching Gifts Program!

Thank You Gifts

$50 Level

  • Car Talk® Recycled Grocery Tote
  • This American Life® Amulet Mug
  • A Prairie Home Companion® Recycled Grocery Tote

$60 Level

  • Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!® Long Knit Beanie
  • NPR® Vintage Pint Glass
  • NPR® Color Logo Pint Glass
  • Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!® Newsclamation Mug
  • NPR® Public Radio Nerd Pint Glass (Custom)

$75 Level

  • Car Talk® Born Not To Run EyeMax Mug
  • Morning Edition® White Ceramic Mug
  • NPR® Nylon Folding Grocery Tote

$102 Level

  • A Prairie Home Companion Stars T-Shirt
  • Morning Edition® Sport Bottle
  • NPR® Tote
  • NPR® Tote

$120 Level

  • Car Talk® Born Not To Run Tee - White
  • Fresh Air Black T-shirt
  • Morning Edition® Cylindrical Power Pack
  • NPR® Public Radio Nerd T-Shirt
  • Morning Edition® Cereal Bowl

$144 Level

  • Downton Abbey The Complete Collection DVD

$150 Level

  • This is NPR® Coffee Mug
  • StoryCorps® 'Callings' by Dave Isay
  • Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!® Black Latte Mug

$180 Level

  • ROKU Streaming Stick

$204 Level

  • French Press Double Shot Travel Mug
  • NPR® Hoodie

$365 Level

  • NPR® Boombox-in-a-Thimble