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Director of Corporate and Foundation Support

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Support Us - Corporate Support

Help support WQLN Public Media while bolstering awareness of your company or non-profit organization.

Why Promote on WQLN? 

There is no clutter on public broadcasting, so your message is noticed. We have a limited number of messages per break.

Be in Good Company

A business is known by the company it keeps, and public broadcasting offers some of the best. Your name is associated with the quality and reputations of the likes of Gwen Ifill, Steve Inskeep, Renee Montagne, Garrison Keilor, and Jim Lehrer.

Get the Recognition You Deserve

When you underwrite a public television program, the first and last image the viewer sees identifies your company. Your corporate logo is shown to provide clear visual identification of your company to the viewing public. The impact is positive and lasting.

Discriminating Viewers

The WQLN audience is highly educated, affluent, and influential.

Your Audience is a Co-Underwriter

Your target audience includes many who are also helping to support public television and radio through their membership dollars. Because of this investment, they feel a special connection to WQLN.


When businesses, corporations and foundations support WQLN, they can see how their money is being spent: hour after hour of remarkable musical performances, insightful news and public affairs programs, exciting nature shows, humorous, enlightening and stimulating radio programs, plus very special educational programs for children. 

Why donate to us?

WQLN relies on the support of donors to enable us to provide exceptional quality, non-commercial television, radio, and educational programming every day of the year.
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