Lisa Counasse

Director of Development


Tom Pysz

Director of Corporate & Foundation Support


DaWayne Cleckley

Marketing & Multimedia Manager


Sue Allen

Radio Manager


Kathy Carducci

Educational Outreach Services Manager


The Development Department leads strategic efforts to ensure the immediate and long-term sustainability of WQLN. This includes working with all WQLN Staff, Board of Directors, Members, Viewers, Listeners and Community Partners to identify station fundraising needs. As these needs are identified, the Development Team is then responsible for implementing and enhancing fundraising initiatives that will enable WQLN to continue its mission to stimulate, enrich and entertain the communities it serves.

The Development team raises over 1.3 million dollars each year which enables WQLN to continue to bring viewers and listeners trusted national programming from PBS and NPR as well as local programs and services. Current Development activities include all on-air fundraising campaigns, direct mail and membership outreach, major gifts and station fundraising events such as auctions, festivals and Road Trips. Support WQLN Development initiatives by volunteering, becoming a member, and staying connected.  

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Corporate & Foundation Support

Allow your business to connect with WQLN’s educated, affluent audiences by underwriting popular television and radio programs. Marketing messages on WQLN-TV channels 54.1 (PBS), 54.2 (Create), and 54.3 (World), on WQLN Radio 91.3FM, and at WQLN events provide powerful ways for your company to reach a great variety of customers and clients.

Businesses, nonprofit organizations, and foundations can build awareness and drive traffic to their products and services through underwriting and sponsorship while supporting exceptional quality PBS and American Public Media programs on WQLN TV and NPR news and interview programs, locally-produced classical, jazz, folk, roots, and bluegrass music programs, and local public affairs programs on WQLN Radio.

Each program underwriter is honored with a marketing message in our clutter-free environment to inform the audience about their products, activities, and services. Want to increase visibility for your business or organization? Associate it with the quality reputation of WQLN. Click here for more information, or contact Tom Pysz at 814-217-6073.

Marketing & Multimedia

The Marketing & Multimedia Department is responsible for strategically marketing WQLN Public Media; producing local television shows, interstitials, promotional video, audio, and graphic design / animation; and internal web design and maintenance.  The department is also responsible for Q-Media, the external production division of WQLN Public Media.

Centralizing all aspects of multimedia under a single department is an innovative concept in the world of Public Media. The Marketing and Multimedia Department operates on the cutting edge of these media management philosophies.  With the inclusion of WQLN's Communications Specialist, this department seeks to operate within a self-managed team concept to provide streamlined messaging, brand management and content management across all platforms.

Our mission is to uphold the core mission of WQLN Public Media. In doing so, we seek to effectively engage our viewers, listeners and members, while enhancing the overall brand equity of the organization. We will continually seek out creative ways to generate sustainable revenues, while building and maintaining relationships in the community.

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As the only public radio station in the Erie area, WQLN Radio is committed to providing our listeners an experience of in-depth news & information and a variety of classical, blues & jazz, folk, bluegrass, and choral music every hour of every day.

Daily news and interview programs provide listeners a window to the world with rigorous reporting and passionate storytelling. Our local public affairs programs promote awareness of the events and people that shape our community. Dedicated volunteers provide the majority of music programming on WQLN Radio, sharing their favorite musical artists with our listeners daily. Through these programs, WQLN Radio is a resource for the needs of the community and seeks to enrich the lives of community members while inviting a respectful exchange of ideas.

We strive every day to provide the programs and services that WQLN Radio listeners – driven individuals who seek lifelong learning – value in their daily lives and to inform, educate, engage, inspire, and entertain our listeners.

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Educational Outreach Services

WQLN Education Services reaches out to those vested in a child's education--parents, teachers, and the community at large--by providing WQLN FAMILIES literacy workshops along with community events that support education in the classroom and at home.